Look into my eyes, Explore their depths. Do you find magic there, Or perhaps damage? Do they bring to mind love, Or are they fraught with thoughts? Look into my eyes, Tell me what you see. Do they send you to wondrous vistas, Or leave you in troubling waters? Look into my eyes, Tell me … Continue reading Secrets


Strangers: A short story II

Uwana was working in her lab. Focused intently on what she was doing, she didn't notice the humming sound coming from far away. All around her lay dried up plants, scattered soil and broken pots. I guess you really couldn't call it a lab with the state that it was in. She had been making … Continue reading Strangers: A short story II


Advancement, Movement, The future is pending. Exhilarating, Inviting, Our future is blinding, The world yet unseen Is right there before us. We reach up and touch it. We pull it towards us. Ascending, Traversing, The journey never ending. The future is now, And the Now is exciting. - - - By RiahReese © All rights … Continue reading Future


The wind beckons to my eager heart, Taking me high, Far above the clouds, To a world of stars and dust, Our very own little universe. The vacuum calls to me, Expanding as far as the eye can see, Holding wonders inconceivable to me; Of Nebulae, Planetoids, And Asteroids unseen. A magnanimous light show, From … Continue reading Space