Dreams of the past

Dreams of the past Spill into the future. Have we not even moved forward? Have we let ourselves be consumed by hate; No regard for the human estate? Have we not grown at all? Do we fight the fights our parents have fought? Do we still seek that which they sought? Dreams of the past … Continue reading Dreams of the past



The wind beckons to my eager heart, Taking me high, Far above the clouds, To a world of stars and dust, Our very own little universe. The vacuum calls to me, Expanding as far as the eye can see, Holding wonders inconceivable to me; Of Nebulae, Planetoids, And Asteroids unseen. A magnanimous light show, From … Continue reading Space

I am

I am ugly. I am beautiful. I am quirky. I am mainstream. I am the cacophony of noises. I am the symphony of voices. I am wild and care free. I am guarded and secretive. I am failing. I am successful. I am sadness. I am joy. I am one in 7 billion. I am … Continue reading I am


The beat of the drums Dance forward to meet me, Vibrating from my ear, It spreads through my body, Commanding my feet to move And my body to sway. My mind partakes In this wondrous array Of mechanical movement And fluid motion. Pulsating through every molecule, Blending seamlessly with my life force. The beat of … Continue reading Alive


The Shadows are coming. I feel drained, Hope feels so far away, I dream a dream of far-aways, My heart is broken by today. The Shadows are coming. I fight. I fight with all my might, Looking for brightness in the dark, Looking for gladness in the Sad, Losing my sight to the unwavering black. … Continue reading Shadows